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Deng Xiaojun, chairman of Qingdao Imaneyelash factory, won the "meritorious person" award of CBC eyelash beauty Committee

2021.04.07 15:30:59

Source: CBC eye and eyelash beauty Committee

In 2021, in order to solemnly commemorate the brilliant achievements of the eyelash industry in the past 10 years, the Organizing Committee of the China eyelash Industry Development Decade held an honorary selection for the advanced people who have made outstanding contributions to the industry. Through the important highlights of their influence, publicity and credibility for the service industry, the "meritorious person" award is presented to commend them.

Award winner: Deng Xiaojun, chairman of Qingdao Imaneyelash

Reason for winning the award: riding the wind and waves for decades to promote the renewal and reform of eyelash products

Deng Xiaojun has been engaged in eyelash production since he was young. He has been riding the wind and waves for decades, promoting the development of China's eyelash industry, continuously developing and innovating popular eyelashes, and promoting the renewal and transformation of eyelash products in a new era. In 2012, we introduced domestic grafted eyelashes technology from foreign markets, and carried out one-stop production, technical training and sales. In 2013, we successfully introduced Korean flat hair into China and started production, leading the eyelash market into the era of flat hair grafting. In 2014, he participated in the research and development of double-layer close arrayed eyelashes and 3D level false eyelashes, and the eyelash industry entered the era of 3D three-dimensional modeling. In September 2016, participated in the research and development of YY eyelash preparation. The peak era of fancy grafting officially began. In 2017, we developed a kind of self-adhesive false eyelashes without smearing, and obtained a patent. In 2015, he applied for a shaped grafted eyelash and obtained the invention patent in 2019. Apply for the patent of magnet eyelash mould in early 2020. It will be patented in September 2020.